Technical Data Of PTFE Wires

PTFE cables have outstanding Mechanical & electrical properties. These are heat resistant. Its properties qualify them for an ever-widening range of wiring a applications, they are used in many situations, where temperature is between -65°C and +250°C.

In most adverse uses, where chemical fumes and liquids would render all other cables cables useless, PTFE is the most well-known and durable polymer and has been used in the cable industry for many years, It’s outstanding dielectric properties, even at elevated temperatures, make it most suitable for insulation of cables.

Technical Specification :

Brief details of some of wires are provided here under. Never the less the company offers complete range of products.

HV Test
Spark Test (0.2 Sec)
Dielectric with stand for 1 minute
ET (250 V)
2.5 KVAC
1.5 KVAC
E (600 V) 3.4 KVAC 2.0 KVAC
EE (1000 V) 5.0 KVAC 3.0 KVAC

Advantages :

The Products have number of advantages, few of them are :

  • Excellent thermal stability suitable for use from (-) 65 Dig. C To ( ) 200 Deg. C for silver plated and ( ) 260 Dig. C for Nickel plated wires.
  • Suitable for very wide frequency range (DC to above 10000 MHZ) and over wide temperature range. Fire (flame) proof.
  • Inert to practically all Chemicals even at elevated temperatures.
  • Smaller in size, more flexible, lighter in weight and higher reliability.
  • Lowest Dielectric constant (2.1). Dissipation factor (below .0003).
  • Excellent flex life and totally unaffected by out door exposure to unlimited period.
  • Non contamination, non-toxic and bio compatible.
  • Good Mechanical strength.
  • Resistance to ultra radiation and stress cracking is excellent.
  • resistance to fungus and mould growth.

Features of PTFE Insulated wires :

1. Flame Retardant : PTFE Insulation is Fire proof and Flame Proof. 'In case of short circuit or fire PTFE does not damage.

2. Heat Resistant: PTFE insulation is heat resistant if some time it has to carry heavier load than its capacity it will not damage. It is also Cold Resistant, it with stands from -60°C up to 260°C.

3. Save Current: PTFE Insulated wires have a lower resistance in comparison of PVC Insulated wires. In resultant, this wiring saves electricity.

4. Save Space: The diameter of PTFE Insulated wires is much less for the equivalent rate of PVC wires. It allows more numbers of wires into conduct housing.

5. Long Lasting: PTFE insulated wires have longer life then of PVC Insulated wires. PTFE insulation is mechanical stronger than PVC insulation these wires are fire proof, heat proof, moisture proof, chemical proof and fungus proof etc.