We follow "Mil W / JSS 51034", norms to provide our customers the best and world match quality.

Here is the brief description of the testing procedure that we follow.

Physical testing :

  • OD of the Conductors and Finished Wires.
  • Color of the Conductors and Finished Wires.
  • Resistance and Elongation of the Conductors.

High Voltage Electrical testing :

  • Spark Test.
  • Di Electric Test.

3. Flammability Testing : Flame test for 1 minute.

4. Heat Resistant Testing : 290°C for 96 Hours

5. Cold Bend Testing : (-65°C) for 4 Hours.

6. Insulation Testing :

  • Core to Core High Voltage Insulation Testing
  • Core to Braid High Voltage Insulation Testing